A History of CBCS®

Founded on exceeding expectations

Community Bank Consulting Services, Inc. was founded in 1995 because of a desire to help community banks improve their profitability, productivity, quality control and customer service. We have been permitted to assist over 500 banks in 26 states since 1995. We appreciate the opportunity to give presentations to bankers and bank directors and help them to become more effective in working with their bank’s customers and employees.

It's about people

We believe bank employees with positive attitudes help to produce satisfied bank customers, lower bank employee turnover, and enhanced bank profitability. We do little formal advertising of our consulting services because our existing clients are our best source of referrals. Since we focus on always exceeding the expectations of our clients, we assist with an average of four projects per client. Our motto is “Helping Your Bank Be the Best!” Please let us know if we may be able to assist you and your bank.

Some of our clients have worked with our founder, Lynn David, for over 25 years. We are now working with the second and third generations of some family-owned banks.

Meet the CEO

Lynn A. David

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn has over 50 years of experience in working with financial institutions. He has worked with large, medium, and small size organizations throughout the United States. Prior to founding his own consulting firm in 1995, he was the Midwest Area Director for KPMG Peat Marwick LLP in its Financial Institutions Management Consulting Service for eight years, with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in various management capacities for over 13 years and in the lending, operations, and correspondent banking areas of commercial banks for four years.

Representative Accomplishments

  • Directed numerous strategic planning projects and facilitated strategic planning conferences to focus the future efforts of an organization on specific issues.
  • Completed numerous operations, productivity, pricing, and profit improvement reviews for commercial banks and savings and loans which have resulted in implementable non-staffing related opportunities which average 0.20% pretax ROA.
  • Directed projects involving the consolidation of operations and standardization of procedures for multi-bank holding companies.
  • Conducted numerous organization re-engineering projects to define the appropriate organization structure and the human resource skills necessary to enhance an organization’s ability to become more sales, customer service, quality, and marketing driven.
  • Evaluated products and competitive factors to determine the appropriate pricing and product configuration.
  • Designed and implemented procedures to assure timely response to all customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Design and implemented enhanced human resource management programs including job descriptions, career paths, responsibility grades, individual goal setting, and supervisory skills training.
  • Designed incentive compensation programs for senior management and employees of financial institutions which enable organizations to focus on enhanced productivity, profitability, quality control and customer service.
  • Directed administrative order compliance projects.
  • Assisted a banking organization in avoiding the need to submit to a cease and desist order and in repositioning for stability and profitability.
  • Conducted lending practice reviews.
  • Designed procedures for monitoring waived fee and service charge income.
  • Established and directed pricing committees to motivate employees to emphasize quality and profitable services.
  • Developed techniques to increase interest and noninterest income in the lending function.
  • Designed a comprehensive analysis to monitor the true profitability of commercial account relationships.



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  • Instructor for the human resource segment of the Iowa Bankers Association School of Banking and the Kansas/Nebraska Banker’s School of Banking, 2001 to 2021.

Recent Published Articles

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Lynn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas and a Master of Science degree in Commerce with a major in Finance from St. Louis University.  In addition, he is a graduate of the American Bankers Association’s Stonier Graduate School of Banking and National Commercial Lending School.